Feltham Boot Store

We’ve put the boots into groups as you can see below, sizes up to 4.5 have been put in the childs sections, 5 and upwards in the adult sections.

We’ve changed the labels on the latest boots, so we can double check them.

CS (Child Studded), CA (Child Astroturf), AS (Adult Studded) and AA (Adult Astroturf), so CS6 are Child Studded Boots, size 6.

We now have nearly all the boots online, therea re a few more C2 and C3 sizes to be added soon.

Simply select the pair of boots you want, put them in your shopping cart and checkout.

All prices are zero I’m just using a shopping module to help with the admin. Your details will only be used to contact you to arrange collection of the boots.

Any orders not collected within 7 days will be cancelled and the boots returned into the stock.

Look out for emails from store@bootroom.org.uk once you have placed your order, they seem to end up in your junk mail for the first message.